Kolaborasi Projects |Cambodian Contemporary Dance/Theatre Performance Project

Cambodian performing artists are now gradually rebuilding their traditional arts following the conflicts of the last 40 years. At the same time, a new generation of artists are seeking to find fresh, contemporary forms. This project seeks to support the development of a contemporary Cambodian performing arts practice by stimulating new approaches to experimentation in a way that continues to honour traditional roots.


1. To support the dancers to find their own way of creating a contemporary performance practice and contemporary dance technique based on their own traditional roots; to support them to find their own cultural and personal “voice.”  To do this in a series of workshops to develop new skills in movement, improvisation and choreography; taught by developing awareness and creative freedom, rather than technical systems.

2. To give the dancers confidence in these new skills, and to support wider recognition of the possibilities of contemporary Cambodian performing arts. To do this by putting a free public performance event comprising pieces created and performed by the dancers during the workshops.

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Top Right: Cambodia Contemporary Dance/Theatre performance project photo: performer: Chumvan Sodhachivy. Event: Bedhog Arts Night 2007.