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Led by performance artist Sally E. Dean & Floating Space Theatre Company, Sri Lanka

Autumn 2012 saw a four-week collaboration between Sally E. Dean, Ruhanie Perera, Creative Director of Floating Space Theatre Company, Colombo (Sri Lanka), and members of Floating Space Theatre Company. Collaboratively the artists developed/co-directed the site-specific performance piece ‘Unearthed’ with a cast of theatre and movement practitioners based in Colombo. The piece considered the concept of stories about lies, secrets, and silence and their tellers in terms of their identities, bodies and desires. One of the creative stimuli for 'Unearthed' was the writings of poet, essayist and feminist Adrienne Rich, who died in Spring 2012. Sally E. Dean also led a 2 week training course in Skinner Releasing Technique at the Nelung Arts Centre as well as delivered a workshop called "Contemporary Practice and Somatic Movement" on the Choreography diploma course through the Sri Lanka Foundation.
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Cambodian Contemporary Dance/Theatre Performance Project
A five week pilot project in collaboration with some of Cambodia's emerging professional contemporary dancers from AMRITA Performing Arts company Phnom Penh, offering workshops in improvisation, somatic-based movement, and choreography, culminating in a performance. The intent is to support the dancers in finding their own contemporary performance practice and contemporary dance technique based on their own traditional roots.
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Taman Cerdas
A four month pilot education program for the children of Plesungan village near Surakarta, Indonesia, culminating in a collaborative performance of Cinderella  on 25 August 2008.
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An international, multi-disciplinary collaboration between seven women visual, dance and theatre artists from America, Germany and Indonesia culminating in a performance at Lembaga Indonesia Prancis (Indonesian-French Institute), Yogyakarta, Indonesia on 31 July 2008.

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Excerpts from Above and Beyond
A performance event and workshop      involving collaboration between American, British and Indonesian artists at the Teater Arena, Taman Budaya Surakarta (Cultural Centre of Central Java), Indonesia, 10 – 12 July 2007.

“A production from three countries in which art supports international peace.” (Jawa Pos, 15 July 2007)

Waiting for Richard, melancholic and fascinating...”
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Pasar Pentas
A series of performances in Javanese traditional markets in Surakarta, Indonesia, involving both American, European and Indonesian artists and local Indonesian market vendors, in May 2007 and March 2008.
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Top Right: Cambodia Contemporary Dance/Theatre performance project photo: performer: Chumvan Sodhachivy. Event: Bedhog Arts Night 2007.