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‘Unearthed’ builds on previous collaborations between Ruhanie Perera, Creative Director of Floating Space Theatre Company, and Sally Dean as individual artists, theatre makers and directors of companies with a shared vision. The artists first met in London in 2009. In summer 2011, Sally was invited by Floating Space Theatre to attend a 10-day artist residency in Colombo and to teach workshops in Skinner Releasing Technique and Performance Training to professional artists as well as members from the community. In March 2012, Ruhanie was invited to London to perform as part of the event ‘Tradition, Culture and the Contemporary’, co-curated by the Stranger Than Fiction Collective and Siobhan Davies Dance Studios.

‘Unearthed’ symbolizes the next and crucial chapter in Sally’s and Ruhanie’s collaboration and is closely interwoven with their long-term vision of shaping cultural productions that promote the visibility, awareness and recognition of performance artists (female artists in particular) from/in the UK, Sri Lanka and beyond.

Stage 1 / One-Week Training Intensive:
‘Unearthed’ will start with a one-week Training Intensive led by Sally Dean in collaboration with the Creative Directors and Lead Actors of Floating Space Theatre Company: Ruhanie Perera, Jake Oorloff and Venuri Perera. The artistic team will work collaboratively in a teaching context and will share their different set of skills as well as their teaching and performance experience gained both internationally and locally. Inspired by their different training backgrounds, the week will consist of daily training in Skinner Releasing Technique, Training for the Contemporary Performer, Actor's Training and Breath and Voice-Work. The aim of this Training Intensive is to create training opportunities for Sri Lankan arts practitioners, amateur performers, students and individuals interested in engaging in creative arts practices.

Stage 2 / Performance Making Project:
Following the Training Intensive, the Performance Making Project will run over three weeks, working with a group of selected professionals and community-based Sri Lankan theatre and movement practitioners who are establishing themselves as performance artists, and who are interested in taking new creative risks in their performance making process. Devising tools will range from movement, sound, object and costume. Ruhanie and Sally will be working collaboratively as co-directors to create the performance piece 'Unearthed'. The cast will play a crucial part in the creation of the piece.

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Supported using public funding by Arts Council England and British CouncilSupported using public funding by Arts Council England and British Council

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Top Right: Cambodia Contemporary Dance/Theatre performance project photo: performer: Chumvan Sodhachivy. Event: Bedhog Arts Night 2007.